Sunday, March 13, 2005

Follow-Up to the First Part

Abrupt Awakening

I quickly shot up,
sitting there in the middle of the day,
sweating as if streaming fountains of ocean water were
very closely placed together on the surface of my skin.

I'm panting violently,
and my sight is blurred to the point of blindness.

Everything is loud,
Everything is vivid.

My mindis racing in such a way that I can't focus,
there's a burning sesation on my face and chest,
I can't hold back the screams.

Soon I realize that she's still there,
skating gently over the water,
the bottom of her wite dress barely grazes the surface.

She hums as she does this,
it's entrancing,
in such a way that only one who has seen it all could appreciate.

She glances over and and whispers something from accross the river,
still twirling with the wind.
It is too faint to hear,
yet I seem to have nderstood it perfectly.

I wipe the sweat off my brow,
and while taking off my shirt and diving
into the bottomless blue pit,
I think:

"Thankyou, for letting me wake"
"Thankyou, for ending the dream"

I swim up gently and rip through the surface,
she's now sitting on the ledge of a rock
with her feet semi-dipped in the water.

She looks to me and smiles,
a warm and genuine smile,
a smile that only one that knows everything could make.

She whispers once again,
"You're welcome"

Something I Wrote While Waiting for Maya 6 to Install

The Great Oak Tree

As she swiftly ran near floating over the river,
In the grand forest,
that which can only be comparable to the ancient amazon,
I felt complete.
I laid back on the magestic oak,
and dreamt a dream that is yet to end.

A nightmare,
where there is no love,
and substanceless faces of others forced to be near you.
No one hears you,
and when you die,
you live not in anyone's memories.

Oh God,
let me wake.

This endless nightmare will ruin my spirit,
I am afraid that the shallowness of a sixteen year old
adolecent will wash over me like the heavy burden that
weighs violently as the pugnent filth of the dead sea.

Oh God,
release me now.

For at least this time,
I know in hell what to expect:
An empty room where there is nothing,
not even me.
I am the room,
and I cannot invoke my own reality,
I am forced to live useless,
a billion years of waste.

Oh God,
please let me wake,
so that I can return to my full reality,
and escape this terrifying incarnation of my wasted self.
Life is purposeless here,
I am nothing.

Please God,
Awaken me from this nightmare,
this oak is cursed.